Osada Group thinks as the doorway, the Health and Consideration.

Osada Group has been concentrating on the improvement in the medical field and the health and happiness of all customers through the manufacture of the medical equipment. The activity is directed further to the improvement beyond the medical equipment field. Osada Group is now opening the doorway for the future considering the happiness of the customers first by putting the importance on their views.

OSADA Group Philosophy

  1. The OSADA Group will conscientiously implement the management of our business. Based on our products for medical treatment, we will continue to be a corporation essential to the realization of the health and happiness of human beings in the field of life and health science.
  2. The OSADA Group is dedicated to the creation of prosperity for our customers. We will maintain an attitude of honesty, reliability and gratitude in the provision of service and will continue to be a corporation achieving outstanding contributions to society.
  3. The OSADA Group is committed to promoting the happiness of those people acting in support of our corporation. We will continue to be an exciting and inspiring corporation where people can enjoy their work with a feeling of pride as OSADA employees and pursue the fulfillment of their dreams.